Why motorcycle storage...

Hey there!  Welcome to our site .  

You want to know a little bit more about us and why we decided to open 

an upper scale motorcycle storage facility...

My name is Christine and here is how this all began...

(I'll attempt to keep this short and sweet- He who shall remain nameless requested it so)

After deciding to close my fine antique  and art gallery store after 15 successful years, I wanted to do something

completely different with the 6200+ sqft of building... but what?     I gave it some time  ...

 One night while having an adult beverage with my guy while making dinner,  the thought of using  the building for

 motorcycle storage came into my head.  Being female, I just blurted my thought out  !   Well my guy thought the idea was awesome!   So we  talked with a couple of our  friends who also ride and Wha-La !    " the Landing"   was re- born! 

 We all own our own motorcycles, even me (thats my bagger  in my blog slideshow).   The guys have a combined total of over 125 years of riding experience on  various types of motorbikes.  ( No newbies handing the bikes!)  My guy and I live at the property so you don't have to worry about the facility being unattended.  Oh and our 3 big dogs too! (Did I say BIG?!) 

We  all decided that we wanted to create a more upscale "resting " place for bikes.  Our motorcycles storage facility  is not one of those dark, damp, mouse infested garages !   We wanted climate controlled,  clean, good lighting, easy access and security for our own bikes. 

Now we  offer this to you.   

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